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Stop SPAMThere are many rules regarding text and email marketing – but it all comes down to consent. Emails and texts should only be sent to those who have consented to them or signed up to receive them. If you choose to take advantage of text or email marketing, be sure to follow this and all CAN-SPAM compliance guidelines.

Here is information from the Consumer Help Center regarding SPAM:

The recipient of your text messages must have given written consent to receive your messages. Though there are some situations where the consent can be given orally (non-profits, sports teams, political causes, and other non-commercial organizations). You must also provide a way to ‘opt out’ on every message. Usually it’s as easy as the recipient responding with “STOP.”

For email marketing purposes, the consent may be written or oral. The recipient must be made aware of the name that will be on the correspondence received and/or who will be marketing products or services in the message. All messages must have a legitimate “reply to” address and also have an option to ‘opt-out.’ If someone chooses to opt-out, the request must be honored within 10 days.

Here is the official information from the FTC – CAN-SPAM Act Compliance Guide for Business.

As you can imagine, trying to follow the messaging consent rules and anti-spam guidelines without a 3rd party email software can become very cumbersome. It is easy to make mistakes. See what we use to protect our agency and our clients here.

Warning: Buying email marketing lists of people who have not chosen to hear from you is a slippery slope. We highly discourage it. Sending unsolicited bulk email can result in getting your emails blacklisted and marked as SPAM or undeliverable. We can strategize with you on ways to create your list!

Happy Messaging!

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