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Blogging is to SEO like V8 is to a healthy diet. I’m sure you’ve likely heard the saying, “Wow, I could’ve had a V8!”. Of course you have! It’s one of those slogans we will probably never forget. After all those years of hearing it, I’m actually a loyal consumer of the product. In fact, it’s a staple in my home, and I drink it every morning to kick off my day! What value does it bring me? For starters, I get 2 extra servings of vegetables that I probably wouldn’t get otherwise. Also, it really wakes me up – as good, if not better, than my morning coffee… (you should try it!). It’s a great compliment to my daily diet, and it makes me feel good and healthy.


“Wow, I could’ve had a V8!”

As I was preparing this post this morning – “blogging and how it benefits SEO,” I thought of my V8. Just like my daily dose of V8 is a great compliment to my daily diet, regular, consistent, quality blogging is a great compliment to a any website – making it much better and more valuable (i.e. more healthy) than going without. (And don’t settle for fluff content (banana bread or carrot cake :)) – make your content solid, organic and authentic to achieve the best results.


What is the Value Of Blogging and How Does it Benefit SEO?

Blogging requires effort, creativity, and research, especially if you want to create a successful blog that attracts a large number of audiences. Many business owners are reluctant to invest so much time and effort and focus their attention elsewhere. Some business owners create short, common, and poorly written blog posts just to include keywords. Such blogs don’t rank high enough in search engines to provide much merit.

The Value of Blogging and Why You Should Take It Seriously

Blogging has been an essential aspect of marketing for a long time. Almost every company website has a blog section that provides information and answers common questions that customers might have. This has become so common that your website visitors will expect you to have one and look through it. Here are some reasons why marketing experts consider blogging valuable:

  • You can humanize your brand through blog posts like introducing a personality in your content. Some use humor, playfulness, or even project a crass attitude.
  • Blogging helps establish authority in the industry as you showcase your knowledge about your products, services, and field through your posts.
  • Blogging can increase brand loyalty, especially if you post good content consistently. That can also lead to higher conversion rates.

SEO Benefits of Blogging

Blogging also helps you rank higher in search engines, especially if your content is well-researched, informative, current, and well-presented. Here are some SEO benefits of blogging that you should consider as “V8” for your site:

You Can Include Keywords to Bring in Organic Traffic

This is the reason why most people blog. They want to include as many keywords as they can into the content. When done properly, these keywords will bring in organic traffic and keep prospective customers engaged.

The Content will Generate Backlinks

Great content can be link baits and get backlinks from high authority websites. For example, if you painstakingly put together a highly informative infographic, there’s a chance that several high authority websites will want to link back to it in their content. This will show your authority to the search engines and help you rank higher. Backlinks are one of the ranking factors in Google.

The More Pages You Have, the More Traffic You Get

When you add more blog posts, you answer new questions and add a diverse range of keywords to your website. That will draw more traffic and help increase the chances of conversion. If you run out of content ideas, you can always recycle content from previous years and present them in a fresh form for a newer audience.

Active Websites Rank Higher

Search engines want to provide the most current and relevant search results to their users so they’ll list websites are have been recently active at the top of the search engines results pages. If you don’t add new content or change the copywriting on your website regularly, you’ll fall back on the rankings. An active blog will show search engines that your website has the most up-to-date content.

Targets Long Tail Keywords

It’s difficult to target long-tail keywords in content outside of blog posts. Key phrases like “how to write a good blog post” or “how to find the best keywords” etc., answer audience questions and will bring in organic research-traffic. This traffic has a potential to convert if you choose the right topic and frame your content well. Long-tail keywords attract audiences that tend to linger on a website for longer than a few seconds. That will give you enough opportunity to convert them.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is just as important as external backlinking though most website owners don’t realize this. Internal linking will spread incoming traffic to different areas of your website and encourage visitors to stay longer. These links will also help the search engine bots to crawl the website and give them a general idea about your content. This will help with your ranking and SEO.

Helps Improve Reputation

Search engines want to provide the most reliable information to their users so they’ll rank websites with a good reputation higher. Good content will help you develop that reputation. A combination of great keywords, well-formed content, backlinks, research, and social media marketing will help you create the online presence you need to consistently rank high on search engine results pages.

In summary – Blogging can help your site get it’s veggies!

As you can see, blogging regularly and consistently can help with SEO and bring organic converting traffic to your website. You just need to make sure your content is of good quality and you post on a predictable schedule.

If your schedule doesn’t allow for this type of quality writing and regularity of posts, contact AGameSM to request a consultation. We’ll be happy to assist you anyway we can!

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