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Desktop vs. Mobile (AGameSM’s old site)

Our Mobile Website Promo is back!

Why do you need a Mobile Website? Did you know that mobile search will surpass desktop search in 2015? If your website is not mobile-friendly, AGameSM can build a mobile site for your business.

We’ve been talking about the importance of mobile websites for the past few years, yet there are still so many businesses out out there whose sites are still not mobile-friendly. Smartphone user stats are consistently climbing, so if you’re not mobile yet, it’s time to get on board.

Your site may appear in mobile search results but be too small to read or too difficult to navigate. This could cause users to leave and find a more user-friendly site (business) to visit.

Before we re-designed our site, we had one that was not mobile-friendly. You had to pinch and zoom to read or navigate through the site. To accommodate our visitors and potential new clients, we felt it was necessary to build a mobile site. It made our site much more user-friendly to smartphone users – and more importantly, made it easier for them to call us with our ‘click-to-call’ button, once they found us. We built our separate mobile site a few years ago because we weren’t quite ready for an entire site re-design. See the “before and after” image above left. Which site would you rather navigate? Which is easier to read without having to zoom in?

User-friendliness is not the only reason to go mobile — although, in our opinion it’s one of the most important reasons. It also matters from a ranking perspective. It’s actually one of Google’s ranking factors. You can check to see if Google considers your site mobile-friendly by testing it.

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

We are happy to say that we have now launched our newly re-designed website that is compatible and user-friendly on all devices. We built it on a responsive platform, so an additional mobile site is no longer necessary. Now, when you pull our site up on a mobile device, it has the same look and feel of our desktop site because it’s the same site with all the same information available as the desktop version.

A responsive website is highly recommended as best case – but if a site re-design is not in your budget, take advantage of our mobile website promotion and bridge the gap for those potential customers with a mobile website!

Mobile Website Promotion

We’ll build and host a mobile version of your website using your logo and branding colors and 5-7 pages of your most relevant site pages for just $45/mo* Offer expires 02/29/2016.  (contact us for details).

When you are ready for a site re-design, make sure it’s built on a responsive theme or is mobile and tablet compatible. We can help you with that, too!

For 12 (more) Reasons Why You Should Have a Mobile Friendly Website, see this article on the woorank blog.

Trisha has spent 16 years in the directional advertising and marketing field. Focused on SMB's digital marketing via mobile-friendly and seo-friendly websites that help drive traffic and create more opportunities for growth.

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